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about my work

The motifs for my prints are mostly abstract. They are created from my inner feelings and they are a sort of subconscious writings of things happening around me, my experiences in life. Through basic compositional elements such as dots (I am exploring different forms of dots) and lines, I am able toexpress them in my work.


In my prints I also use colour, but (as you can see in my works) it is not used in a conventional way. It is expressed in lines and dots and not in planes or surfaces. It is interesting form me to see the same form in different colours and mixing different plates in one print. I also use one colour in different shades.


Most of my abstract works are titled »Untitled«, with this Iallow the spectator to experience the sensitivity of the work in his own way, without anypresumptions.


My understanding of dots and circle: Everything happens in a circle; our life, nature, universe, everything. There is no ending... Life is a neverending process... Dot represents an inner world, it is infinite, it is stable and in art language everything starts with a dot... Dot represents my inner world...Peace and tranquility. I express myself, my feelings with a dot, a lot of dots. It is my language. They are creating an abstract intimate world. With my works I want to show the infinity of our lives, our neverending story, a story about light...

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